Bruce Willis Admits ‘Error of Judgement’ After Being Told To Leave A Drug Store For Refusing To Wear Face Mask

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis has admitted ‘error of judgement’ after being asked to leave a pharmacy for his refusal to wear face mask.

After allegedly being ordered to quit a Los Angeles shop for refusing to wear a face mask, Bruce Willis has confessed to committing a “error of judgement”

The Die Hard star, 65, was photographed Monday entering and exiting a California pharmacy without a face mask.

Be safe, everyone out there, and let’s continue masking,”Be safe out there everyone and let’s continue to mask up,”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti directed last year that facial coverings should be worn outside the home at all hours to help combat Covid-19, with some exceptions, including children under two and individuals with some disabilities.

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Bruce Willis

The article was re-posted by ER doctor Cleavon MD to warn “all my healthcare providers in Los Angeles on the frontlines of the pandemic seeing countless patients die”

One of the coronavirus hot spots in the US has been California, and particularly Los Angeles. Since the onset of the pandemic, the Golden State reached 2m reported cases last month.

US reporter Olivia Messer said it would have helped to “just pulling the bandana” or the scarf he was wearing around his neck “over his nose”

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