Beverly Osu -False Rape Accusers Should Be Jailed For 2 Years

People Who Falsely Accuse Others Of Rape Should Be Jailed-Beverly Osu

Beverly Osu, a popular Nigerian actress and model, has made it publicly known her stance that anyone who wrongly accuses others of abuse should be punished to realize the consequences of what they have done

According her, it’s about time that those who wrongly accuse others of abuse be punished because of the pain they make the offenders go through, since what they go through is not easy.

Siting as an indication of what they are going through, Beverly Osu said they often even doubt God and their own selves, and such allegations often cost them their friendship so they would be ignored by close people.

Some people now see it as an opportunity to make money. They act as victims with apparently no evidence to back up their claim and even team up with friends who will claim same was done to them by same person(the accused) sometimes back.

Therefore, if anyone wrongly accuses another of rape, the accuser should be punished as punishment for letting another suffer through mental distress for at least 2 years.

Beverly Osu is a Nollywood actor, one of the Big Brother Africa Housemates  who got famous via the programme. According to her, she said that people who falsely accuse others of rape should be arrested already and should also be punished.

Beverly Osu, Beverly Osu -False Rape Accusers Should Be Jailed For 2 Years, Relay Vibes

Some weeks back, a lady had gone on social media, crying that she was raped and that she needs justice.

After that incident and considering the two parties premises with evidence, it was later discovered that both of them had an agreement but thing went by, there was a breach of agreement between them. She flared up to claim that she was raped.

Tagging a person( most especially, a male, an adult so to say) for rape could either result to him/her being killed or jailed for something that never occurred. If it actually happened, then the law should take its course


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