Anthony Joshua Blasts Deontay Wilder Over his Excuses for Defeat

Anthony Joshua Blasts Deontay Wilder Over his Excuses for Defeat

, Anthony Joshua Blasts Deontay Wilder Over his Excuses for Defeat, Relay VibesDeontay Wilder has been criticised by Anthony Joshua for his bizarre reasons for losing to Tyson Fury.

In February, when he suffered his first career setback, Wilder was defeated by Fury in their rematch, and The Bronze Bomber came up with a few bizarre reasons for the loss, including a story that Fury’s fingernails punctured the glove and scratched him.

In fact, Wilder reported that Fury put something in his glove “the size and shape of an egg weight.”

Furthemore, Wilder blamed the referee and Fury’s trainer.

In another of his odd claims, Wilder claimed that his ring door suit, which weighted 40 lbs, was too heavy for him.

Commenting on Wilder’s excuses, Joshua said to Sky Sports, “I’m not shocked.

‘He’s trying to convey how he thinks about the world. He left it to us, the masses, to perceive as best we felt.

Because of experiences or further understanding of the situation he has been through, how he feels today will change in a year or two years.

He knocked out everyone and got used to a winning performance. He has suffered a loss, and he isn’t used to it.

‘As time passes, he may come out differently.

‘Today? It’s not coming out in the best way, in my humble opinion.”

Between 2016 and 2019, Joshua and Wilder owned the major heavyweight belt, but were unable to find an agreement to fight each other.

‘We gave him a contest for the undisputed world championship and he went down the Fury war path.

‘I’m happy we can make that transparent and carry on.

‘As time passes, it’ll come to fruition and make lots of sense.’

Speaking on the defeat to Fury, on The Last Stand Podcast, Wilder told Brian Custer: ”

I have not yet heard credible evidence of how gloves flap all the way around, why your hands were in the center of the glove, and why was my ear scratching deep inside my ear? Owing to the (Fury’s) nails.

‘The gist of it, you’re known as a sucker if they get the chance to steal and you don’t cheat.’

Wilder described his other reasons for defeat in a video shared to social media.

‘It’s difficult to bend, hold a smushed-in shape or provide loose space for a brand new 10 ounce glove. I truly suspect that you put something in the glove. Something concerning the scale and shape of an egg.

‘That is why in an egg weight shape, the side of my face swelled up and it left a hole in my face as well. Yet you somehow couldn’t hold this king down in the middle of it all.

‘You would have had to kill me. In the end, the bucket referee wanted a crab and an unfaithful teacher to chuck the towel in only to save me.’

Speaking of his outfit for the ring walk, Wilder said, ‘He didn’t injure me at all but the basic fact is, my suit was too bulky for me.

My legs had just been fired all the way through in the third round. ‘But am fighter, and it is known to people that am warrior.

It could easily be said if I had no legs or none at all.

Wilder added that before the war, he thought his water had been manipulated.

He said Before I stepped into the ring. I was drinking some water and stuff for the transformation, trying to keep myself hydrated.

‘I’m now starting to feel strange. As if I was taking a muscle relaxer or anything like that, my water spiked.

‘It wasn’t just the outfit, my water was being controlled…

‘It was a strange experience, this feeling here. It was like I had no control of my body, my legs were tired, and that kind of material.

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