Angry Man Pours Boiling Water On Wife For Waking Him To Surprise Him With Breakfast in bed

Angry man pours boiling water on wife


An angry man had poured boiling water on his wife for waking him to give him a surprise with breakfast in bed.

Since she woke him up to bring breakfast to him in bed as a treat, the husband then, in frustration, threw boiling water at his wife.

Allegedly, Ali Ay, 28, had spilled boiling water over Rukiye Ay, 23, because he felt he needed to sleep and perceived his wife’s romantic gesture as a disturbance.

As a result, Rukiye sustained horrific back injuries and was rushed to the Turkish hospital on 9 January.

While speaking from her hospital bed, Rukiye said it was meant to be a surprise to bring her husband’s breakfast to bed, but he was so angry that she had woken him up.

Rukiya said she left him alone then and went to eat brunch with their daughter, but Ali chased her and threatened her with divorce.Angry man pours boiling water on wife

Then he reportedly spilled hot boiling water down the throat of Rukiya and attempted to spill it on her forehead, but she turned away.

The terrified mother said she was going to run away, but she could feel the “T-shirt sticking” sticking to her skin.

Ali is then allegedly tossing at Rukiya the “rest of the boiling water” and , according to her,  some of it dropped on her brother’s foot.

He came in and told me, still in a bad mood, that he was going to divorce me and take our daughter into custody no matter what I did.

Then he filled my neck with hot water. He was about to dump it in my face, but I turned aside.

Rukiye said she tried to “escape” but she passed away from the suffering and in the distance she could hear her daughter crying.

Ali then apparently snatched the hair of his wife and pulled her to the toilet, where Rukiye found courage and used the chance to run to a neighbor who had called the police.

He was seized by police but later released on bond, causing public fury, resulting in him being re-arrested and imprisoned.

As long as he’s free and my daughter is in danger, I can’t believe it.”I couldn’t believe it, as long as he is free me and my daughter are in danger.”

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