Adam Nuru ,FCMB MD, Has Finally Reacted To The Allegation Linked To The Paternity Fraud Between Moyo And Tunde Thomas


Recall recently that an incident about one Mrs Moyo Thomas, wife of Mr Tunde Thomas, who was alleged to be have an office romance with her MD at First City Monument Bank (FCMB) broke out to the internet. A lot of mixed reactions have been flying, some with the opinion/agitation that the MD fired while some with the opinion that, the lady shouldn’t be crucified as she did it with a man.

Mr Adam Nuru, Managing Director of FCMB, has finally broken the silence, also spoke about Tunde’s death, His relationship with Tunde and Moyo, Tunde’s wife, also about the Divorce and lots more

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Adam Nuru, unsurprisingly has denied the accusation of the unethical sexual behaviour against him.
Adam Nuru, stated ,in a statement which was released on 3rd Jan 2021, that the story was a fabrication and fake, appealing the general public to disregard the narration.

In Adamu statement, please read below

“Apart from spreading rumours, that petitioner has offered no iota of fact on this matter. As long as the writer and publisher of the article still hide(s) his/her/their identity, I will implore all to maintain this story as FAKE NEWS that it is (stop spreading rumours).
“If there’s anyone who is really concerned or have information, such person should take the legal and proper step. Tunde is a immensely a private person who sees challenges in life as chance to shine. However, for death, Tunde wouldn’t have taken lightly this publication. He had never made any complain nor claimed to have nursed a grudge against anybody on his past marital affairs.
“I know this very much because we talk, wine and dine together usually within the past 20 yrs. No member of his family or Tunde himself raised any dust on this matter. This is really wrong and completely unacceptable for an alien entity to start seeking cheap publicity at the detriment of a gentleman who has gone to rest in the Lord. Grieving friends and member of his families (mother, brothers, sisters and wife) shouldn’t be caused more hardship.
“According to the news going round, the knowledge of the alleged paternity of the children resulted to Tunde’s(Moyo husband) death. However a family source who prefers to be anonymous revealed that in December, 2017, Moyo and Tunde had a misunderstanding which led to the separation and final relocation of Moyo to the United States.
“It is really vital to take note that the process of divorce was never thought of or started by Moyo. Also to the best of our knowledge, there is no divorce papers served on Moyo. This connotes that they were still legally together. In Moyo’s opinion and her family, the means to reconcile was still much open up until Tunde’s unfortunate death.”

Adam Nuru further narrated and claimed that the two children are truly Tunde’s children,
“Tunde is the father of the 2 kids and Moyo never said to him he wasn’t their father. Moyo and Tunde apparently worked towards ensuring the differences they had never affected the relationship they both have with the 2 children.

“Tunde had visited the children in the US in June 2018. He met and interacted with them without any form of hinderance. This happened after he recovered from the stroke he had earlier that year. He was always in touch with the kids, calling and having fatherly conversations with them, even at odd hours, not less than twice in a month from December, 2017.

More details shortly…

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