7-year-old boy charged with rape

7-year-old boy has been charged with rape

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 A 7-year-old boy was charged with a case of rape by the New York State Police.

On March 23, an underage boy from Brasher Falls, along the US-Canada border, was charged with rape in the third degree.

The incident was first recorded on November 26, 2020, according to authorities.

According to sources, the young boy has been discharged and will be charged as a teenage criminal.

The new state legislation sets a minimum age for criminal conviction at seven years old.

The event occurred on Thanksgiving in upstate New York, according to sources.

Further information regarding the incident is yet to be known.

According to the police, the matter will be heard in Family Court.

It’s also unclear what, if any, relationship exists between the suspect and the victim.

Authorities were ‘absurd’ in pursuing the charges against the 7-year-old, according to Anthony Martone, a Queens solicitor who manages juvenile defense litigation. Martone claims the charges will almost certainly be dropped.

‘It shouldn’t happen that a 7-year-old – I don’t think you will even know what you’re doing at 7 years old,’ added.

‘As a result, I believe it is ridiculous to threaten a 7-year-old with rape.’ They’d have to show he performed the crime physically, which sounds impossible to me.’


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