3year old baby kills mother

3year old baby kills mother

3year old baby kills mother, 3year old baby kills mother, Relay Vibes3year old baby kills mother

While sitting in a vehicle outside a Food 4 Less in a Chicago suburb, a 3-year-old kid inadvertently murdered his mother by picking up a revolver and shooting her with it.

Following the gunshot, the boy’s father is now facing a misdemeanor firearms charge, according to the community’s police chief on Monday, March 14.

The incident occurred at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 12, when the sons of Romell Watson, 23, and Daejah Bennett, 22, discovered a pistol while sitting inside their car in a parking lot in Dolton, Illinois.

After shopping at a Food 4 Less in the community about 20 miles south of Chicago, police said the father was in the driver’s seat, the mother in the passenger seat, and the kid in a car seat in the rear.

“He grabbed a hold of the rifle and began playing with it in a fun fashion,” Police Chief Collins said.

Bennett was shot in the neck, according to the chief. She was brought to the University of Chicago Medical Center and declared dead there.

Watson, who was held after the incident, will be charged with unauthorized use of a firearm, according to Dolton Police Chief Robert Collins Jr.

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