21-year-old Suffered Heart Failure After Taking 4 Cans of Energy Drink Daily for 2 years

21-year-old Suffered Heart Failure After Taking 4 Cans of Energy Drink Daily for 2 years

21-year-old Suffered Heart Failure After Taking 4 Cans of Energy Drink Daily for 2 years

A 21-year-old university undergraduate, name not mentioned, suffered heart failure following his “excessive” in-take of energy drinks.

This man drank 4 500ml cans daily for two years. This had lead him in ICU and won’t be able to continue his studies, the BMJ Case Report shows.

He had suffered serious weight loss and shortness of breath for about 4 months, before he was later admitted to hospital where he spent almost two months(58 days) there. This includes period he spent in intensive care, which he has described as “traumatizing”.

Doctors considered doing an organ transplant for him after tests showed that both his kidneys and heart have failed.

The kidney failure was actually said to be connected to a stale ailment but previously not diagnosed, authors of the article from Guy’s and St Thomas in London said.

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“We reported a case of serious biventricular heart failure which is potentially in relations to to excess in-take of energy drink by a 21-year-old man,” they said.

” Cardiotoxicity in energy drink” was the “most probable reason” for his heart failure, they cleared.

The student, his name not mentioned in the report, had got no other medical history, however, each can of energy drink he was consuming contained 160mg of caffeine.

He also contributing to the article buy revealing that he suffered a very painful withdrawal symptoms when he was not taking the energy drinks and that actually demanded for better warnings on labels.

“At the time I was drinking up to 4 cans of energy drinks daily, I was suffering from tremors and heart palpitations, which impaired my concentration ability on daily tasks and also my studies at school,” he said.

“I also suffered from chronic migraine headaches which usually happen during the time when I didn’t take energy drink; this also affected my ability to do my daily tasks and even activities on leisure like taking a walk or going to the park.

“I lastly got admitted to the intensive care unit(ICU). This is an extremely traumatising experience for me.

“I really feel energy drinks awareness and their content effect to be intensified. I have a belief that they are highly addictive and so easily accessible to kids.”

This case came after a study by academics at Cardiff University which revealed 6 percent of pupils surveyed were taking energy drinks every day.

Participants were between the age of 11 and 16 and questioned between a period of 4 years (2013-2017).

Trends in consumption of energy drink has not changed over time, the academics said.

“Everyday in-take of energy drinks among a part of young people has not reduced – and our study showed a large disparity in the rate of consumption between those from low and high socioeconomic settings,” Dr Kelly Morgan, the lead author of the study, added.

“No possibility that their popularity will wane except legislative measures and policies are implemented.”

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