1st MMA Loss: Israel Adesanya Still Remains Strong

Israel Adesanya Remains Strong As He Record His 1st MMA Loss

Israel Adesanya’s aim to be a two UFC champion may have ended with his first ever MMA loss in his mixed martial arts(MMA) career but the light-weight UFC champion remains strong.

With a perfect 20 straight win with no loss, the middle-weight champion may have finally met his match in the bid to ascend to light-heavyweight, Jan Blachowicz (28W-8L) has defended his championship by winning the fight through a unanimous decision from the judges.

The start of the first three rounds appeared to very close, as Adesanya seem to hitting hard on Blachowicz, with the obvious speed advantage against the Polish champion.

The judges, on the other hand, seem to have a different side to the game. However, Blachowicz was able to dominate the last two rounds on the back of his rassling, the three judges had awarded the bout his favour with a score of 49-46, 49-45 and 49-45.

MMA Loss,UFC champion,las vegas, 1st MMA Loss: Israel Adesanya Still Remains Strong, Relay Vibes

Israel Adesanya had been holding the middleweight belt title since October 2019.He decided to move up to heavyweight which, if he had won, would have made him the 5th fighter in UFC history to have held two titles in two different divisions simultaneously.

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While it’s highly perilous facing a much heavier opponent, who had recorded 8 wins out of his last 9 matched, the Nigerian-Kiwi fighter has taken the loss in his stride with his first MMA loss.

MMA Loss,UFC champion,las vegas, 1st MMA Loss: Israel Adesanya Still Remains Strong, Relay Vibes

Adesanya’s coach, Eugene Bareman, acknowledged in an interview before the fight noting how hard this fight is to the MMA fighter, however, with the way the match has gone, Israel will only get better.

“Yeah, while it didn’t go precisely the way I wanted, you know … dare to be great,” Adesanya said.

“You know, the critics are actually the ones on the sidelines but I am the one putting it on the line.”

Inspite of close to a 10kg distinction between middleweight and light-heavyweight, Adesanya decided not to push up for the fight while weighing 2kg lighter than the Polish champion.

When asked if he regrets his decision, He said: “Nah”.

Blachowicz, the current light-heavyweight champion, who has defended his championship for the first time, said the win was the most accomplishing in his career.

“If I had been able to knock him out it would have been better, anyways, I love this victory as he’s one of the world best. Now I’m going to be one of the world best too,” Blachowicz said.

“I am the first beat him.”

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