11-Year-Old Boy Shoots Himself Dead During Zoom Class

11-Year-old boy shoots himself dead during zoom class

, 11-Year-Old Boy Shoots Himself Dead During Zoom Class, Relay Vibes11-Year-old boy shoots himself dead during zoom class. During his online Zoom lesson on Wednesday, an 11-year-old California boy tragically shot and killed himself when his microphone and camera were switched off.

The boy, known as Adan Llanos, was at Woodbridge Elementary School in San Joaquin County attending his online sixth grade class when he turned the gun on himself.

His girlfriend, who was in another room studying online, spotted him and told a neighbor and her teacher who was asking for help.

After receiving multiple calls claiming that a person had been injured, the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office rushed to the scene just after 11 am.

Deputies rushed to the 300 block of Sterling Street in Woodbridge, the home where the children were studying, and discovered the boy with a head injury.

He was taken to the hospital and died from burns that were self-inflicted. The sheriff’s office said the boy’s family was in the ambulance next to him when he died.

On their Facebook page, the Sheriff’s Office wrote, “Our thoughts are with the family and all those affected by this tragic event.”

The specifics of the shooting are currently being investigated by deputies. Whose weapons he was using in the incident is not obvious.

To assist with funeral costs, a GoFundMe campaign set up by Adan’s aunt has been released.

Neighbors reported hearing the sister of the young child running out of the house yelling for help.

‘Here comes the girlfriend, knocking on the fence,’ one of the neighbors who had called for help told KCRA.

‘That little boy was one of the prettiest little boys that you might ever like to know. He’s been special. Uh, easygoing. He was the kind of person that would never harm someone. Soft-spoken, with a stunning smile,’ said the neighbor.

On Facebook, an uncle of Adan wrote that he was a ‘wonderful boy full of life and love.’ He said Adan was not suicidal, but did not give any further details about what could have happened.

Following the shooting, the Lodi Unified School District issued a statement saying:’ We are extremely saddened to say that a Woodbridge Elementary School student died today as a result of a gunshot wound.’

Our emotions are affected by this horrible nightmare with the family. We also give the Woodbridge Elementary group our condolences,’ the district said, connecting students and employees with counselling and bereavement support resources.

Following the shooting, the Lodi Unified School District issued statement saying:’ We are extremely saddened 
to say that Woodbridge Elementary School student died today as result of gunshot wound.’ 

He’s seen a rise in nervous and frustrated students with remote learning and the pandemic, according to Paul Warren, the support officer at Woodbridge Elementary, which leaves students unwilling to socialize with their peers.

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